About Us

About Us


The “Shop” Coffeehouse launched it’s initial “Test Flight” in May of 2013. We began as a small Artisan Collective, dedicated to the celebration and promotion of some of Minnesota’s finest artisans, artists, musicians, builders and growers. It was a uniquely challenging, and surreal (17 month), restoration project that converted longtime vacant/once long-standing area staple (Alto’s Menswear) into the Commercial Kitchen and Wood-Fired Cafe that would serve as our first platform.


Hometown exclusive - recruit only area experts. Shop nearby communities as necessary. Keep it local, then regional, at the very least. Keep it Minnesota (unless you happen to be the very rare mineral - Terre Blanche which is found only in LePanyol France - which comprises the core of our super-energy efficient wood-fired oven).

Up-cycle, retool and always reuse - repurposing (everything) may not be the quick and easy way to conquer a three story, 100 year-old brownstone on this charming, yet antiquated, Main Street. But alas, it was the way of our hearts and a pathway to discovering the ingenuity of architects, entrepreneurs and visionaries of decades past. (Rediscovering and preserving our areas history and artistry has been a gift in and of itself.)

We are committed to make our impact simply by reducing our impact on the planet. We are in a state of constant evolution as we seek and implement energy innovations, more sustainable practices and ever seeking new local sources for our fresh, raw, organic ingredients. (We do inhabit one of the most frigid of climates known to man! With many months cast in ice and darkness, we must allow/consider ourselves at 82% at best and growing!)